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AudioDax - F**k That (I’mma Be Fine) Artwork

AudioDax - F**k That (I’mma Be Fine) [Song]

Though the music game is known for chewing up and spitting out up and-coming artists, you don’t have to worry Krypton Flo and Temble of AudioDax; on new single F*ck That (Imma Be Fine), the Midwestern buzzmakers assure...Read More

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AudioDax - It Goes Cold Artwork

AudioDax - It Goes Cold [Song]

Temble and Krypton Flo of AudioDax are about as bright-eyed and bushy-tailed a duo as the rap game has ever seen, but the industry has a way of sucking the idealism out of young talent. On newly-released promo single It Goes...Read More

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AudioDax - September [Song]

By now, Krypton Flo and Temble of Booth-acclaimed twosome AudioDax are likely just about settled into their new home in the City of Angels—the apartment’s furnished, they’ve found their way around town,...Read More

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AudioDax - Pop Rocks Cover

AudioDax - Pop Rocks [Album]

Midwestern duo AudioDax have hooked up with and GoodMusicAllDay to bring listeners their latest album release, Pop Rocks. The follow-up to last summer’s The Annexation, the project features 12 original cuts... Read More

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AudioDax - Let it Fly Artwork

AudioDax - Let it Fly [Song]

The bad thing about being on the cutting edge of the pop zeitgeist is that by definition, just about everyone else is lagging behind. Not even a group like AudioDax, whose unique electro-hop sound screams “hit potential,”...Read More

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AudioDax - Make Noise Artwork

AudioDax - Make Noise [Song]

Krypton Flo and Temble of AudioDax never struck me as the type to get in trouble for blasting their tunes too loudly, but perhaps my initial judgment wasn’t quite accurate. Though the Midwesterners’ latest promo...Read More

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AudioDax - Thoughts (Crystal Castles Remix) Artwork

AudioDax - Thoughts (Crystal Castles Remix) [Song]

After hearing emcee-producer duo AudioDax bring us some of the most musically adventurous yet pop-appealing tracks to hit the Booth in a minute, I couldn’t help but wonder what artists they listened to on the regular....Read More

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