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ArtOfficial - Knives EP Cover

ArtOfficial - Knives EP [Album]

Though ArtOfficial hasn't released a solo project since 2011's Booth-acclaimed Vitamins & Minerals, the Florida live-band ensemble has stayed sharp by working with ¡MAYDAY! and Miami Beat Wave on this year's Neighbors tape.... Read More

ArtOfficial - Laser Show Artwork

ArtOfficial - Laser Show [Song]

While February saw ArtOfficial join forces with fellow Panhandle State crews Miami Beat Wave and ¡MAYDAY! to drop the Neighbors LP, it’s been a year and change since last they stepped into the Booth with a feature of...Read More

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Miami Beat Wave, ¡MAYDAY! & ArtOfficial - Neighbors Cover

Miami Beat Wave, ¡MAYDAY! & ArtOfficial - Neighbors [Album]

South Florida hip-hop groups Miami Beat Wave, ¡MAYDAY! and ArtOfficial have come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners their first joint digital release, the Neighbors street album. This all-star collaborative... Read More

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Miami Beat Wave, ¡MAYDAY! & ArtOfficial ft. Katie DiCicco - Neighbors Artwork

Miami Beat Wave, ¡MAYDAY! & ArtOfficial ft. Katie DiCicco - Neighbors [Song]

Are you a fan of South Florida independent hip-hop? Then you may get the urge to pinch yourself after learning that local crews Miami Beat Wave, ¡MAYDAY! and ArtOfficial are planning to release a collaborative project, just...Read More

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ArtOfficial - Three Four Artwork

ArtOfficial - Three Four [Song]

I won’t name names, but more than a decade ago (damnit, I’m getting old) I watched The Roots open for a big-name rapper, but when the aforementioned hit the stage he flopped like a European soccer player. The lesson? Once...Read More

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ArtOfficial - Vitamins & Minerals Cover

ArtOfficial - Vitamins & Minerals [Album]

Miami crew ArtOfficial are back with their second full-length album, Vitamins & Minerals. A project that combines jazz, hip-hop, rock and everything in-between into a seamless whole, Vitamins & Minerals is food for... Read More

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ArtOfficial - Migraine Artwork

ArtOfficial - Migraine [Song]

I know what you’re thinking. Isn’t naming a song Migraine kind of like naming a chicken restaurant Salmonella or an airline Crash? Good point, but consider this: first, live instrument Miami crew ArtOfficial have never...Read More

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ArtOfficial - Too Nasty Artwork

ArtOfficial - Too Nasty [Song]

Prefer your music buttoned-down and neatly categorizable by genre? Then beware: the latest feature from ArtOfficial may be Too Nasty for your ears. Us musically adventurous types, on the other hand, are sure to enjoy what the...Read More

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ArtOfficial - The Payback Cover

ArtOfficial - The Payback [Album]

Miami hip-hop ensemble ArtOfficial have linked up with, RefinedHype, Illroots and Kevin Nottingham to drop a free project entitled The Payback. The 12-track street album finds emcees Newsense and Logics... Read More

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