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Angel Haze

Angel Haze - Initiation [Song]

Earlier this month, Angel Haze kicked off promotion for her Universal Republic debut album with No Bueno, a lead single which, contrary to its title, received relatively bueno reviews from our readership. Now, we receive a...Read More

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Angel Haze - Classick Cover

Angel Haze - Classick [Album]

Recent Universal Republic signee Angel Haze has just unleashed her latest free street release, an EP-length collection of covers and freestyles, upon the listening public. In addition to the emcee's previously-featured,... Read More

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Christian’Dee ft. Angel Haze - Yo!MTVRaps II [Song]

If the cancellation of Yo!MTVRaps were a human being, he or she would be old enough to drive—as of this past August, the seminal program’s been off the air for 17 years. (Not that any self-respecting hip-hop fan would...Read More

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Angel Haze - Drop It Artwork

Angel Haze - Drop It [Song]

Now that you’ve had a little time to absorb rapstress Angel Haze‘s Booth-hosted Reservation album it’s now time to take a good listen to the projects stand out selection Drop It. Compared with the bass-heavy...Read More

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Angel Haze - Reservation Cover

Angel Haze - Reservation [Album]

Trendsetting female emcee Angel Haze looks to broaden her ever-growing bandwagon of fans with the release of her new album, Reservation, featuring singles "New York" and "Werkin' Girls." Guest features on Reservation, which... Read More

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Angel Haze - Werkin’ Girls Artwork

Angel Haze - Werkin’ Girls [Song]

It’s about time. I’ve been waiting for years for hip-hop to finally pay tribute to classic ‘80s movie Working Girl. God, Melanie Griffith is so hilarious in that. Wait, what’s that? Angel Haze’s new track has...Read More

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Angel Haze - New York Artwork

Angel Haze - New York [Song]

Can Angel Haze, a Detroit native, hope to conquer the Big Apple? Why not—if an ambitious Corsican kid by the name of Napoleon Bonaparte can grow up to rule France, I’d say she has a decent shot. (Can you tell...Read More

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Christian’Dee ft. Angel Haze - H.H.I.D.S Artwork

Christian’Dee ft. Angel Haze - H.H.I.D.S [Song]

Christian’Dee may be new to our pages, but his Booth debut should sound mighty familiar to veteran hip-hop heads. Freshly-released buzz record H.H.I.D.S. finds the Los Angeles rhymesayer doing double duty on the mic and...Read More

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Angel Haze - Starry Eyed Artwork

Angel Haze - Starry Eyed [Song]

Roman would have to come with a loaded M-16 to kill Angel Haze on her latest stand out selection. With an ability to take on anybody with superior rhymes, today Angel Haze drops off Starry Eyed, a simply organic street piece...Read More

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Angel Haze

Angel Haze x Das Racist - Jungle Fever (Remix) [Song]

Like most of their previous material, Das Racist’s new release Jungle Fever is a light, fun summer anthem about pretty girls and nice cars aimed at commercial radio. Actually, that’s not true at all, I just wanted to make...Read More

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