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Twista - Back to the Basics EP Cover

Twista - Back to the Basics EP

Windy City veteran Twista has unleashed his latest collection of original material, the Back to the Basics EP. The second EP of his career ('05's 2 for 10 was the first), the project directly follows 2010 full-length... Read More

Twista - The Perfect Storm Cover

Twista - The Perfect Storm

I won’t lie. When DJ Z and I were first discussing a review of Twista’s new album The Perfect Storm I was hesitant. Twista has undoubtedly one of the most intriguing stories in hip-hop. Fighting off both a hard Chicago... Read Full Review

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Twista - Category F5 Cover

Twista - Category F5

Hurricanes and tornadoes are exactly like albums, at least in terms of how they’re ranked. A “one” is nothing, a lazy breeze you barely notice and forget about a moment later. A “two” is only slightly stronger, just... Read Full Review

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Twista - Adreneline Rush 2007 Cover

Twista - Adreneline Rush 2007

No household should be without a Guinness Book of World Records. Where else can you find out the record for most people dressed like gorillas at one time is 637? But as fascinating as Guinness is, I’ve decided to create my... Read Full Review

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