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The-Dream - Royalty: The Prequel Cover

The-Dream - Royalty: The Prequel

With his departure from Def Jam and the relaunch of his Radio Killa Records label, The-Dream has entered a new phase of his career, and to celebrate he's dropped off a new EP, Royalty: The Prequel. Featuring seven tracks... Read More

The-Dream - IV Play Cover

The-Dream - IV Play

As an artist ages, they can become stuck in an ongoing battle with their fans. They want to change to stay relevant and explore new creative territory, their fans want more of the same music they first fell in love with.... Read Full Review

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The-Dream - 1977 (Deluxe Re-Release) Cover

The-Dream - 1977 (Deluxe Re-Release)

Back in R&B’s glory days (god I sound old) the music was all about telling a story. Men didn’t just sing, they sang about love and loss, desire and anger. They told tales so cinematic they could have been made into... Read Full Review

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The-Dream - Love King Cover

The-Dream - Love King

My biggest failing as a writer is that I can never accurately assess whether an album is truly a classic on the day I drop the review. Bombarded with a constant barrage of new music, I get to spend a few days with an album at... Read Full Review

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The Dream - Love vs. Money Cover

The Dream - Love vs. Money

Sometimes it’s best to just let an artist speak for himself. When describing his new album, Love vs. Money, The-Dream said ”This album is just gonna be the first album on crack, basically.” (Insert your own Bobby Brown... Read Full Review

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The-Dream - Lovehate Cover

The-Dream - Lovehate

I had a dream last night. I was in a smoky R&B club watching Prince, R. Kelly and T-Pain put on an unbelievable show. The trio was absolutely tearing it up, the crowd was going off, but then things started to get crazy.... Read Full Review

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