Tech N9ne Albums & Mixtapes

Tech N9ne - Strangeulation Cover

Tech N9ne - Strangeulation

In addition to one of the most head-spinning flows in the industry, Tech N9ne boasts an illustrious list of signees and connects. Now, Strange Music capo had busted out his rolodex once again to bring listeners his fifth... Read More

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Tech N9ne - Something Else Cover

Tech N9ne - Something Else

Hip-hop has always rejected outsiders. From fans to label execs, hip-hop has largely demanded more of the same thing it’s currently enjoying: more shiny suits, more Auto-Tune, more molly. But the ironic thing is that all of... Read Full Review

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Tech N9ne - Boiling Point EP Cover

Tech N9ne - Boiling Point EP

Still riding high off his headlining performance on The DJBooth's A3C showcase stage, Tech N9ne has dropped his latest collection of original tunes. Coming on the heels of this September's E.B.A.H. and the Booth-exclusive... Read More

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Tech N9ne - E.B.A.H. EP Cover

Tech N9ne - E.B.A.H. EP

After the completing the longest tour in hip hop history, Tech N9ne immediately jumped back in the studio to get what was in his head onto disc! That non-stop work ethic resulted in the newest EP from Tech, E.B.A.H.,... Read More

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Tech N9ne - Blur (Re-Produced) EP Cover

Tech N9ne - Blur (Re-Produced) EP

The DJBooth is proud to present the second entry in Re-Produced, an exclusive series in which three hand-selected beatsmiths each offer his or her own spin on a record by a reader-approved artist. The second EP in the series... Read More

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Tech N9ne - Welcome to Strangeland Cover

Tech N9ne - Welcome to Strangeland

It’s really not that hard to figure out why Tech N9ne’s succeeded. The major labels are dedicated to making hip-hop an insider’s club. Fans aspire to the lifestyles of their favorite artists, and they’re willing to... Read Full Review

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Tech N9ne - All 6’s & 7’s Cover

Tech N9ne - All 6’s & 7’s

Not everyone out there is a Tech N9ne fan, or ever really knows who the Kansas City emcee is, so before we get rolling on his new album All 6’s & 7’s let’s take a moment to educate the latecomers. Put simply, Tech, or... Read Full Review

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Tech N9ne - Sickology 101 Cover

Tech N9ne - Sickology 101

For most rappers getting signed to a major label is like reaching the Promised Land. Before the ink has even dried on the contract they’re already wondering what color jet to buy. But in reality, that “major label as... Read Full Review

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