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Artist: R. Kelly
Album: Black Panties
R&B heavyweight R. Kelly has released his latest collection of original material, the Black Panties LP. His 12th studio album in total, it directly follows June 2012's Write Me Back. The project packs 13 fresh cuts from the... More
Posted one year ago
Artist: R. Kelly
Album: Love Letter
R. Kelly is more than an artist, he’s a writer’s dream. Now that Michael has passed, he’s the most fascinating man in music, an artist whose overwhelming talent has created a bubble around him in which the rules of... More
Posted 4 years ago
Artist: R. Kelly
Album: Untitled
Now that Michael Jackon is no longer in our lives, R. Kelly is the most fascinating man in music. Much like MJ, Kelly is an r&b idol with an astounding sense of harmony who frequently engages in bizarre behavior that’s... More
Posted 5 years ago
Artist: R. Kelly
Album: Double Up
Albert Einstein, J.F.K., Robert Sylvester Kelly; all men of vision and accomplishment. Am I serious? More than I’d like to admit. R. Kelly has reached a level of R&B status unattainable by mere mortals; he is undoubtedly... More
Posted 8 years ago