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Plies - Da Realist Cover

Plies - Da Realist

I know what you’re thinking. Didn’t Plies just put out an album? I know, I thought the same thing. But believe it or not, I hold in my hands a copy of Plies’ latest album, Da Realist, a full nineteen tracks of nothing... Read Full Review

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Plies - Definition of Real Cover

Plies - Definition of Real

The vast majority of black males in America are coke-dealing billionaires. Just in case you’re a racist with a third-grade education, that’s not even remotely true, so why has mainstream radio’s version of hip-hop... Read Full Review

Average Rating: 32101
Plies - The Real Testament Cover

Plies - The Real Testament

“Do you love hip-hop, or just really like it?” Ever since freestyle rap legend Supernatural asked me that question (and everyone else at the Rock the Bells Tour) I can’t stop thinking about it. Every day millions of... Read Full Review

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