Omarion Albums & Mixtapes

Omarion - Care Package EP Cover
Artist: Omarion
Posted 2 years ago
Omarion - Ollusion Cover
Artist: Omarion
Album: Ollusion
Being followed by mobs of adoring fans may sound like a good thing, but ultimately early success for young artists is more of a curse than a blessing. From ‘70s teen heartthrobs like David Cassidy to modern boy bands like... More
Posted 5 years ago
Omarion- 21 Cover
Artist: Omarion
Album: 21
As suggested by the title, Omarion is finally legal. Although adult status has always been measured in age, it is also considerably gauged by maturity and growth. Using both benchmarks, Omarion has come into his own on 21,... More
Posted 8 years ago