MURS Albums & Mixtapes

MURS - Have A Nice Life Cover
Artist: MURS
MURS has put in nearly two decades of work, worked with countless high-profile groups and individuals over the years and established himself as an underground legend. Regardless, his signing to indie powerhouse Strange... More
Posted in about 2 weeks
¡MAYDAY! & MURS - ¡MursDay! Cover
Artist: ¡MAYDAY!
Featuring: MURS
Album: ¡MursDay!
I hate needles, blood makes me want to puke, and I can barely handle "Game Of Thrones"' violence, let alone, you know, real life injuries. So, naturally, the emergency room was the first place I went to check out the new... More
Posted about 11 months ago
MURS x 9th Wonder - The Final Adventure Cover
Artist: MURS
Spanning nearly a decade and spawning four collaborative full-lengths (Murs 3:16: The 9th Edition, Murray's Revenge, Sweet Lord and Fornever), MURS and 9th Wonder's collaborative relationship has been one of the dopest and... More
Posted 2 years ago
Murs - Love and Rockets, Vol. 1: The Transformation Cover
Artist: MURS
Love “My favorite flight is the one that goes home, keep your family first cause you cant do this alone” ‘Love’: An overused and romanticized four-letter word that has ended relationships, ruined and rescued lives... More
Posted 3 years ago
MURS - Murs for President Cover
Artist: MURS
My people, it’s that time again. Time to choose a new president. We need a man who can bring peace, solve the financial crisis, unite the nation, and look fresh to death while he does it. Of course, I’m talking about the... More
Posted 6 years ago