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Lloyd - The Playboy Diaries Cover

Lloyd - The Playboy Diaries

Most of us will never know what it's like living the life of a R&B superstar, but luckily the always smooth Lloyd is giving us a look inside his life by opening up his Playboy Diaries. Featuring lead single Sexcapade, the... Read More

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Lloyd - King of Hearts Cover

Lloyd - King of Hearts

The last ten years have been strange for male R&B royalty. While rap has for the most part held steady, with Jay-Z, Kanye and Eminem forming a triumvirate leadership, R&B has undergone more changes than a Beverly Hills trophy... Read Full Review

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Lloyd - Lessons In Love Cover

Lloyd - Lessons In Love

Who is Lloyd? That’s depends, which Lloyd are we talking about? If your introduction to the silky slim singer was on his breakthrough album Southside you would have thought Lloyd was a bit of a r&b bad boy, the type of guy... Read Full Review

Average Rating: 32101