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Kidz In The Hall, a veteran duo made up of Chicago emcee Naledge and Brooklyn producer DJ Double-0, have released their new EP, Wishful Drinking. The six-track set, which is the twosome's first proper release since 2011... More
Posted 2 years ago
As Naledge said in his recent In the Mix interview, The Land of Make Believe, the third album from the Kidz in the Hall, is their “almost famous” album. While Naledge and production partner Doulbe O’s sophomore effort... More
Posted 5 years ago
So which side are you on? Are you a hustler or a hip-popper? A club-head or a socially conscious tree-hugger? Because you have to pick a side. Did you know it’s illegal to own both a Young Jeezy and a Talib Kweli album? And... More
Posted 7 years ago