Joell Ortiz Albums & Mixtapes

Wish you could kick it with Joell Ortiz in the comfort of his own home? Well, take off your shoes and slide on a pair of House Slippers, because the Big Apple vet's latest album is the next best thing. On his third solo... More
Posted 8 months ago
Album: Free Agent
I’m an OG in the hip-hop album review game. Believe it or not, my first review for the Booth was a full four years ago, when I called Sean Price’s Jesus Price Supastar the most ignorant album of 2007. In the days since... More
Posted 4 years ago
He stood on Brooklyn’s frozen January streets dealing dope to pay the rent. By the time he got home he was too exhausted to kill the cockroaches that scattered across the kitchen floor under the light of the open fridge.... More
Posted 8 years ago