Jeremih Albums & Mixtapes

Artist: Jeremih
Jeremih has been making some of the world's most baby-makingest music for years now and he finally has a title (Late Nights) and release date (September 30) for his upcoming album. Now that the album is locked down, so are... More
Posted 9 months ago
Artist: Jeremih
Featuring: Shlohmo
Album: No More
Def Jam R&B hitmaker Jeremih has joined forces with buzzmaking Los Angeles beatsmith Shlohmo to craft a brand new collaborative EP, No More. The former's first project release of any kind since dropping his Late Nights With... More
Posted 10 months ago
Artist: Jeremih
Album: Late Nights
Chicago R&B/Pop hitmaker Jeremih has released of his first ever mixtape, Late Nights, which includes previously-featured selections "Go To The Mo," "Misunderstood" with R. Kelly, "Ahh Sh*t" and "Keep It Moving." Guest... More
Posted 2 years ago
Artist: Jeremih
Album: Jeremih
The story of every one-hit wonder is the same. Through a supremely mysterious combination of talent, ambition and luck, an unknown artist writes a song they didn’t expect would be popular outside their hometown (Hurricane... More
Posted 5 years ago