KXNG CROOKED Albums & Mixtapes

Over a week ago KXNG CROOKED (aka Crooked I) tried a radical experiment with his new album, Sex, Money & Hip-Hop. Could he still put music out the old-fashioned way? Could he keep the album off the internet entirely - no... More
Posted 5 months ago
Album: Apex Predator
Long Beach veteran Crooked I has unleashed his debut studio album, Apex Predator. His first solo project since 2012's Psalm 82:V6 mixtape, the LP packs 11 tracks worth of new material from the Slaughterhouse lyricist,... More
Posted one year ago
Album: Pslam 82:V6
West Coast veteran and Slaughterhouse emcee Crooked I has released his brand new mixtape, Pslam 82:V6. The LA Leakers-hosted tape features several Booth-approved cuts, including “Never Forget,”... More
Posted 2 years ago