Chamillionaire Albums & Mixtapes

There was a time when I thought Chamillionaire was just another here-today, gone-tomorrow rapper. I assumed that once America got tired of Ridin Dirty he’d slowly but surely drown under the pressure of creating another hit.... More
Posted 6 years ago
I’m man enough to admit when I’m wrong. I thought I’d die before the Red Sox won a World Series, was sure MySpace wouldn’t catch on, and thought Britney’s VMA performance would be a triumphant comeback. I was... More
Posted 7 years ago
Chamillionaire is living the hip-hop dream. One minute he’s a Houston rapper selling mixtapes on the streets, then he writes a banging song about jealous police trying to pull him over and suddenly he’s collecting Grammy... More
Posted 7 years ago
Chamillionaire was the hot new artist of 2006 with the super smash hit single “Ridin Dirty” -- so popular in fact that Weird Al Yankovic had to make a parody single “White and Nerdy.” Chamillionaire is new to most of... More
Posted 8 years ago