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Last year, singer-songwriter and producer William Bolton got listeners buzzing with The Demo Tape, a four-track street album whose modest title belied its impressive level of polish. Now, he's about to take his budding career to the next level with Summer Breeze, an 11-track set which marks his official debut.

Bolton created the conceptual full-length, intended to represent "a daydream," to escape from difficult times and help fans do the same. Reader-approved singles "Let's Stay Together," "Make You Mine" and "Bud Light" offer a foretaste of the set's sunny sound, which draws upon '60s-'70s soul and rock as well as the more contemporary styles of J. Dilla and Pharrell Williams.

In addition to performing all guitar parts, William Bolton (under the pseudonym Times New Roman) produces most of the project, with assistance from Cro, Danny Ives and Twin Sister. Empress and Pisces make guest appearances.

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