The Procussions - The Procussions LP

Production: Stro Elliot

Lead Single: On a Mountain

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Los Angeles-based hip-hop duo The Procussions are offering up their new, self-titled album for free streaming exclusively in The DJBooth.

Their first album since 2006 sophomore set 5 Sparrows for 2 Cents, the crowd-funded project packs 14 original tracks from Mr. J Medeiros and Stro Elliot, including reader-approved lead single "On a Mountain," "Today" and "The Fringe." Throughout, The Procussions are joined on the guest tip by 20Syl, Blame One, Jonathan Korszyk, Logan, ¡MAYDAY!, Phoenix Troy and Shad. Stro Elliot handles all production.

Update: For one week only (ending July 22), you can freely download The Procussions LP.

Fans can also check out The Procussions's previous albums: The Procussions - The Procussions EP | The Procussions - Up ‘Till Now

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