Mike Dreams - Millennial

Production: AJ Soul, Cody Daze, DJ Corbett, Esteth, G Mo, J Nyce, Jimmy Easy, Kiddricc, Lokes, Mike "Mike Dreams" Nemes, Randy Castles, Spencer Olson, Tone Arm

Lead Single: We The Ones

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The first and last generation of it's kind: Generation Y. Children who were born in the 80s and 90s, who are now grown up and currently running the world we live in. On his third independently-released studio album, Minneapolis, Minnesota-based artist Mike Dreams discusses his place as a Millennial, through nostalgia, self-reflection, making the most out of the present, and looking towards the future.

Featured singles on the album include Booth-approved songs "We The Ones," "Songs On The Radio," "Everything's Good," and "The Lights, The Life." Joining Dreams on Millennial are fellow Twin Cities vocal talent of Adam Paulus, Alissa Paris, Alnansa, Ashley DuBose, Cameron Wright, Christina Fisher, K. Raydio and Tameya Clark.

Written by on Aug 06, 2012

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