Ibn Inglor - New Wave

Production: Arran Sym, ELSchmitty, E.N.O.N Jacobs, Kris Henry, Mhone Glor, PGMW, Tom Tripp

Lead Single: COLD STORM

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Fresh off the release of his Booth-hosted GawdsSpeed tape in February, Chicago native Ibn Inglor has returned with the brand new street album, NEW WAVE.

Found on the dark, moody nine-track set are previously-featured selections "COLD STORM," "WAXXX," "BLACK PRINT" and the album title track. Guest accompaniment is limited to Drea Smith, while production credits include Arran Sym, ELSchmitty, E.N.O.N Jacobs, Kris Henry, Mhone Glor, PGMW and Tom Tripp.

Fans can also check out Ibn Inglor's previous albums: Ibn Inglor - New Wave 2Ibn Inglor - GawdsSpeedIbn Inglor - TheComp

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