Hoodie Allen - Americoustic EP

Production: Jared Evan, Matt Wentworth, RJF, WNDRBRD

Lead Single: No Interruption (Acoustic)

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Seven months after unleashing his acclaimed Crew Cuts mixtape, Hoodie Allen has dropped his follow-up digital release, the Americoustic EP. A collection of 6 acoustic reimaginings of the New York native's most popular cuts, the project comes heralded by reader-acclaimed renditions of "Two Lips" and "No Interruption." Allen is the sole vocalist on the EP, which packs production by Jared Evan, Matt Wentworth, RJF, WNDRBRD and more.

This fall, Hoodie Allen will be heading out on the road with OCD, Mod Sun and D-WHY. Click here to peep the official tour flyer.

Fans can also check out Hoodie Allen's previous albums: Hoodie Allen - People Keep TalkingHoodie Allen - Crew Cuts

Written by on Aug 13, 2013

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