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Baltimore emcee Substantial and beatsmith Marcus D, together known as Bop Alloy, have released their sophomore collaborative full-length, Another Day in the Life Of...

The project finds Substantial exploring a variety of outside-the-box topics related to daily life, from marriage proposals to letters from prison. Included among its 15 original tracks is lead single "Count On Us." Carolyn Malachi, Cise Starr (of CYNE), Justis, Oma Pearl (of Conjure Woman), Pismo and Steph the Sapphic Songstress make guest appearances throughout the set, which is produced entirely by Marcus D.

The DJBooth is now offering a free, full stream along with a direct, digital purchase option. For those purchasing, all tracks are high quality audio (320 kbps MP3s).

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Posted one year ago

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