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Kendrick Lamar

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MTV Announces ‘15 Video Music Award Nominees, Kendrick Lamar Leads The Pack

It's about that time again, when summer winds down and the music industry comes together for one night to celebrate the time-honored tradition of music videos... that are only played on the internet. That's... More
Posted one week ago

Inside Kendrick Lamar’s Unreleased Classic, “Cartoons & Cereal”

Sometimes I forget that "Cartoon & Cereal" exists, but every time I remember the record it feels like Christmas morning. Last Tuesday was Christmas. As you know, Kendrick recently dropped his video for... More
Posted 3 weeks ago

The Definitive Breakdown of Kendrick Lamar’s “Alright” Video

On Sunday night, the opening of B.E.T.’s 2015 Awards, Kendrick Lamar stood upon a police car covered in graffiti while a tattered American flag waved in the background, rapping the lyrics to a modern day Negro... More
Posted 3 weeks ago
Editor's Pick
Song: Alright
UPDATE: Read “The Definitive Breakdown of Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Alright’ Video” Wow. Kendrick Lamar has released the Colin Tilley-directed visuals for Alright, a standout selection off his sophomore... More
Posted 4 weeks ago
Artist: Bilal
Featuring: Kendrick Lamar
Though the song leaked previously, we now have the official, complete version of Bilal‘s latest single, Money Over Love. The record is produced by Adrian Younge and features Kendrick Lamar, for whom the New York-based... More
Posted one month ago
Artist: Jidenna
Featuring: Kendrick Lamar
The original was released four months ago, but the growing buzz around Jidenna‘s debut single, Classic Man, has yet to slow. Nearly 9 million video views later, it’s obvious we have a hit record on our hands. To... More
Posted one month ago

Opening Up Kendrick & TDE’s Forgotten Video Vault

I spent a good chunk of last week really diving into the history of Kendrick and TDE and I found A TON of dope stuff - one thing leads to another, and before you know it I've spent an hour trying to track down his... More
Posted 2 months ago

The Incredible Story of Kendrick Lamar’s Early Years via His Lyrics

Like an ancient fossil, hip-hop has its buried treasures, but instead of being buried under layers of sediment, they’re buried under layers of cat videos, dead websites and tweets. We get so much information at such a... More
Posted 2 months ago
Featuring: Lady Gaga
Back in May of 2012, Lady Gaga tweeted that she and Kendrick Lamar had recorded a record for Good Kid, M.A.A.D City. For whatever reason (Gaga insisted the reason was due to creative differences), the record wasn’t... More
Posted 2 months ago
Featuring: Kendrick Lamar
Well, here it is. Taylor Swift‘s first Booth feature. No doubt you’ve heard about her latest music video and its seemingly endless list of cameos - not to mention it’s inclusion of Kendrick Lamar - and here... More
Posted 2 months ago
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