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Andre 3000 Says He Wants to “Put Out a Music Project,” Definitely Won’t

In a new interview with Billboard Magazine, centered around his role on the new season of the ABC drama American Crime, Andre 3000 was asked if... Read More
Posted one month ago by DJ Z

Every Andre 3000 Guest Verse, Ranked (An Absurdly Detailed Investigation)

I've really completely let go of the hope that I'll ever hear "Detox" in my lifetime, much the same way I'm not exactly expecting to fly... Read More
Posted one year ago by Nathan S.

Fonzworth Bentley Ready to Show Off His True “C.O.L.O.U.R.S”

New York, NY-- Everyone's favorite gentleman, Fonzworth Bentley, has scored with the single "Everybody," featuring two big pop culture icons: Kanye... Read More
Posted 7 years ago by richard

Andre 3000 Releases Soundtrack to New Animated Series

New York, NY -- The music from the critically praised animated series Class of 3000 has jumped from the TV into your home. Executive produced by... Read More
Posted 8 years ago by DJ Z