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Tech N9ne - Tech N9ne Collabos: Strangeulation 2 [Album]

Still fresh off of the May release of his Special Effects album, Kansas City indie legend and Strange Music general Tech N9ne has released Tech N9ne Collabos: Strangeulation 2, the sixth installment in his Collabos series and... Read More


The First (& Only) Tech N9ne “Strangeulation, Vol. II” Album Awards [Feature ]

In exactly 18 days the GRAMMYs will announce their 2016 nominations. In exactly 19 days the internet will gather their proverbial pitchforks and torches and take to the streets social media. In exactly... Read More


Tech N9ne’s Music Helps Fan With Brain Injury Learn to Speak Again [Feature ]

After sharing some unfortunate news earlier today, it pleases me to share with you a story that similarly champions living and thriving in the face of loss, albeit with a happier ending. Thanks to Chaz Kangas over at... Read More


Chris Webby - Ohh Noo ft. Tech N9ne & Jarren Benton [Stream]

Chris Webby released his debut studio album, Chemically Imbalanced, back in May, and continues to release visuals from the full-length, following up the reader-approved So Eazy with a video for Ohh Noo. The album standout... Read More


Stevie Stone - Rain Dance ft. Tech N9ne & Mystikal [Stream]

Prepare for a storm, because Stevie Stone is breaking out a Rain Dance on the world premiere release of his latest single. Following Fall In Love With It, which was released last week and featured on our pages, the Strange... Read More


“I Love Music, That’s It”: Tech N9ne on ‘Special Effects’ & His Unlikely Success [Feature ]

(Art by Noamir) Tech N9ne just woke up. Tech N9ne is extraordinarily excited for a man who just woke up. He's on a tour bus, headed to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, to play another sold-out show. I picture a scene out... Read More


5 Fast Thoughts on Tech N9ne’s “Special Effects” Album [Feature ]

If your reading this it's too late I'm going to assume you love hip-hop. If you really love hip-hop, I'm going to assume you need more than what you'll hear on the radio or at the club. If that's the case,... Read More


Tech N9ne - Special Effects [Album]

Underground legend Tech N9ne has built up such an impressive catalogue over the past 16 years, that the man doesn't need to employ any Special Effects on his new album. Nevertheless, the Strange Music head honcho has promised... Read More


Tech N9ne - Wither ft. Corey Taylor [Stream]

Tech N9ne has always been one of the central figures in hip-hop that manages to maintain consistent crossover appeal with the hard rock community, and the latest leak from his upcoming album proves this further. Wither is a... Read More


Tech N9ne - Speedom (WWC2) ft. Eminem & Krizz Kaliko [Stream]

When Tech N9ne unveiled the track list for his upcoming full-length there was one song, above any other, that had fans buzzing with excitement. Today, that song arrives in the form of Speedom, a sequel to World Wide Choppers,... Read More


Tech N9ne “Special Effects” Album Tracklist Features Eminem & Lil Wayne [Feature ]

Tech N9ne has revealed the track listing for his massive, much-anticipated new LP, Special Effects, and the album will come with huge guest verses from the likes of Lil Wayne, Eminem and more. During his... Read More


Tech N9ne - On The Bible ft. T.I. & Zuse [Stream]

We’re just about a month out from the release of Tech N9ne‘s fifteenth studio album, Special Effects, and the Strange Music general has his hand On The Bible in this latest track off of the project. Seven mans the... Read More


Tech N9ne - Hood Go Crazy ft. 2 Chainz & B.o.B [Stream]

When I think of artists who make the Hood Go Crazy, Tech N9ne isn’t the first name that comes to mind. With the help of two Southern heavyweights, however, the Strange Music ringleader has crafted a cut that’ll sound... Read More


Tech N9ne - Dyin’ Flyin’ [Stream]

Today, Tech N9ne may be the most successful underground artist in hip-hop, but for many years the Strange Music general hustled—and sometimes struggled—to get his career off the ground. On new single Dyin’ Flyin’,... Read More


Tech N9ne - “Aw Yeah?” (interVENTion) [Stream]

Though Tech N9ne‘s discography is even longer than one of his lyrics sheets, he’s never, to date, released the intro to one of his albums as a single, because he prefers to leave listeners guessing about the... Read More


Twista ft. Tech N9ne - Crisis [Stream]

When a record features one or more emcees absolutely f**king killing it, we commonly say that it (or the rapper doing the killing) is a problem. But that word somehow doesn’t feel strong enough for Twista‘s latest... Read More


Slaine ft. Tech N9ne & Madchild - Bobby Be Real [Stream]

Dopehead, the first release off Slaine‘s next solo LP, was a tongue-in-cheek takedown of those who devote their lives to scoring drugs. The Coka Nostra frontman returns to that satirical mode on his latest single, Bobby... Read More


Ces Cru ft. Tech N9ne - Power Play [Stream]

In sports, a Power Play involves the concentration of a large number of players in a small area, with a view to overwhelming the defense. Though Ces Cru‘s new single features just three emcees, the title nonetheless... Read More


Tech N9ne ft. Mackenzie O’Gunn - Fear [Stream]

Fresh off his reader-acclaimed guest contribution to Death Warrant, the debut DJBooth feature from Seattle emcee Sadistik, Tech N9ne has unleashed a brand new single of his own. On Fear, the Strange Music capo brings his... Read More


Sadistik ft. Sticky Fingaz & Tech N9ne - Death Warrant [Stream]

I have to admit, I was a little nervous to listen to the first feature from Sadistik—Booth-exclusive world premiere or no. If the Seattle underground mainstay (as his stage name suggests) gets his kicks by inflicting pain,... Read More


Wrekonize ft. Tech N9ne & Rittz - Freak (Extended Mix) [Stream]

Back in May of 2013, when Wrekonize brought us the world premiere of single Freak, many listeners expressed their wish that the song had been a bit longer. Well, those complaints didn’t fall upon deaf ears. It’s... Read More


Tech N9ne - Strangeulation Cypher [Stream]

For any semi-serious Kung Fu movie fans, The Game of Death is one of the genre’s biggest What Ifs. The premise was a simple yet intriguing one that is centered around a tiered building of masters in various fields of... Read More


Tech N9ne - Strangeulation [Album]

In addition to one of the most head-spinning flows in the industry, Tech N9ne boasts an illustrious list of signees and connects. Now, Strange Music capo had busted out his rolodex once again to bring listeners his fifth... Read More


Tech N9ne ft. Ryan Bradley - Over It [Stream]

I had the chance to see Tech N9ne perform live last week, and I’m still not Over It. Sure my legs are still sore, my ears still ringing and I’ve yet to take off my face paint (much to the chagrin of my grandma),... Read More


Tech N9ne ft. MURS - Hard (A Monster Made It) [Stream]

When I try to envision Tech N9ne recording music, the image in my head looks less like your typical snapshot of a rapper in the booth than a still from a Godzilla flick. To paraphrase his latest single, his sh*t is so Hard,... Read More


Tech N9ne ft. Krizz Kaliko & Stevie Stone - Nobody Cares [Stream]

Like all of us, Tech N9ne sometimes gets down on himself and begins to feel like Nobody Cares. Then he remembers that he’s the most successful independent rapper of all time, and the founder of a thriving record label.... Read More


Tech N9ne ft. Kendrick Lamar, ¡MAYDAY! & Kendall Morgan - Fragile [Stream]

When I hear the word “Fragile,” I think of my grandma’s china, newborn babies and the like. I most definitely don’t think of Tech N9ne‘s music, most of which is so hard-hitting and aggressive I’d... Read More


¡MAYDAY! ft. Tech N9ne - Last One Standing [Stream]

If a massive asteroid were to crash into the hip-hop game, eliminating all artists whose skills weren’t up to snuff, ¡MAYDAY! and their Strange Music boss would likely be some of the Last Ones Standing. Don’t... Read More


Tech N9ne - Public School [Stream]

Like many of us, Tech N9ne spent a large portion of his first two decades in the Public School system. What knowledge did he take away from his schooling? Apparently, not a whole hell of a lot. On a fresh single off his... Read More


Tech N9ne - Hiccup [Stream]

When your job involves reeling off rhymes at blistering speeds, a Hiccup can spell disaster. Fortunately for Tech N9ne, he’s not the one who has ‘em on the lead single off his forthcoming rap-rock EP. Rather, the... Read More


Tech N9ne ft. Liz Suwandi & Tyler Lyon - Love 2 Dislike Me [Stream]

Like many artists, Tech N9ne spends too much time on the road to maintain a traditional relationship, regardless of how strong his feelings for a particular girl may be. Clear as he may be about his intentions, the women he... Read More


Stevie Stone ft. Rittz & Tech N9ne - The Baptism [Stream]

You aren’t a member of the church of Stevie Stone? Well, hold your nose, dip back and get ready for The Baptism. While the title might make Stone’s record sound like a hymn, don’t expect to hear the ominous, Josh... Read More


Krizz Kaliko ft. Tech N9ne - Titties [Stream]

Hip-hop has traditionally been the domain of ass men but, as far as Krizz Kaliko is concerned, there’s nothing finer than a pair of big ol’ Titties. On the latest single selection off his fifth studio album, the... Read More


Tech N9ne ft. T-Pain - B.I.T.C.H. [Stream]

You might think you know what the title of Tech N9ne’s latest single, B.I.T.C.H., means, but please, get your mind out of the gutter. OK, so I can’t blame you for thinking it meant that, but it actually stands for... Read More


Tech N9ne ft. Serj Tankian - Straight out the Gate [Stream]

Some rhymesayers need to warm up before unleashing their most most dazzling flows. Strange Music ringleader Tech N9ne, on the other hand, is “incredible Straight out the Gate.” On the latest single off his recently... Read More


Tech N9ne - Something Else [Album]

Hip-hop has always rejected outsiders. From fans to label execs, hip-hop has largely demanded more of the same thing it’s currently enjoying: more shiny suits, more Auto-Tune, more molly. But the ironic thing is that all of... Read Full Review


Tech N9ne ft. Wrekonize, Twizted Insane & Snow Tha Product - So Dope [Stream]

Just how dope is Tech N9ne‘s latest promotional single, So Dope (They Wanna)? Well, you might want to have a methdone script lined up before hitting play; otherwise, you may find yourself unable to stop listening. A... Read More


Need a Lift? Check Out Hip-Hop’s Most Motivational Music [Feature ]

We all have those days where its seems like we aren’t gonna make it. When coffee, bath salts, and extra sleep don’t do the trick, there is always one thing that will always do the trick; music. Whether you have a paper... Read More


Tech N9ne ft. B.o.B & Wiz Khalifa - See Me [Stream & Download]

Tech N9ne has been a frequent presence on our pages of late, contributing guest bars to joints by RA The Rugged Man (Holla-Loo-Yuh), Wrekonize (Freak) and many more, but it’s been nearly a year since the Strange Music... Read More


R.A. The Rugged Man ft. Tech N9ne & Krizz Kaliko - Holla-Loo-Yuh [Stream]

If I were making a list of the emcees I would least like to piss off in a dark alley or elevator, I think Tech N9ne and R.A. The Rugged Man would be numbers one and two on that list. And if I were making a list of the fastest... Read More


Wrekonize ft. Tech N9ne - Freak [Stream & Download]

On the lead single off his forthcoming solo debut, ¡MAYDAY! frontman Wrekonize took the opportunity to get a little more personal than he has in his collaborative work, rhyming about the Anxiety Attacks and self-doubt... Read More


N.O.R.E. ft. ¡MAYDAY! & Tech N9ne - Dreaming [Stream]

Despite the resurrection of Superthug‘s famous “cocker spaniel” line, the last single off N.O.R.E.‘s sixth studio album failed to elicit much enthusiasm from listeners in the Booth. I have a feeling Dreaming... Read More


Kutt Calhoun ft. Tech N9ne - I Been Dope [Stream]

Strange Music emcee Kutt Calhoun may be buzzing lately, but don’t get it twisted: his freshness is by no means a recent phenomena. On the latest single off his senior set, the Kansas City stalwart takes the opportunity... Read More


Ces Cru ft. Tech N9ne - Juice [Stream & Download]

Especially in the dead of winter, when sunlight is a rare and precious commodity, life on the grind can be a Constant Energy Struggle. If you need a little extra Juice to get through your morning, look no further than the... Read More


Rittz ft. Tech N9ne - Bloody Murdah (Remix) [Stream]

If I can be allowed to drop some insider info, Rittz originally hoped to include Tech N9ne on the original version of Bloody Murdah, but the Strange Music head honcho was too busy, you know, touring more than anyone ever to... Read More


Tech N9ne - Boiling Point EP [Album]

Still riding high off his headlining performance on The DJBooth's A3C showcase stage, Tech N9ne has dropped his latest collection of original tunes. Coming on the heels of this September's E.B.A.H. and the Booth-exclusive... Read More


Tech N9ne - URALYA [Stream]

Nobody likes a liar, but Tech N9ne takes industry bullsh*t a little more personally than most. As evidenced by freshly-released video single URALYA, any mealymouthed suit unlucky enough to fall into the Strange Music... Read More


Tech N9ne, Yelawolf & More Rock DJBooth’s A3C (Video Wrap-Up) [Feature ]

Last week The DJBooth and SupaHotBeats delivered one of the dopest shows you'll ever see with the likes of Tech N9ne, Yelawolf, Rittz, Emilio Rojas and many more at the A3C Music Festival. But if you missed all the action... Read More


Cool Nutz ft. Tech N9ne & Krizz Kaliko - Affiliation [Stream]

What’s Booth newcomer Cool Nutz’ Affiliation? Well, while the Portland native and Jus Family artist isn’t officially connected with Strange Music, he’s clearly got some powerful friends in their camp.... Read More


Machine Gun Kelly ft. Tech N9ne & Twista - Edge of Destruction [Stream]

They say “birds of a feather flock together,” but behind that cliche lies a truth; people with similar characteristics tend to hang out and be BFFs. Ok ,not necessarily BFFs, but they tend to hang around each other. For... Read More


Tech N9ne, Yelawolf & a Stage-Diving Gumby Rock DJBooth’s A3C Stage (Pics) [Feature ]

Last weekend some of hip-hop's best joined The DJBooth and our partner SupaHotBeats for one hell of an A3C stage that included Tech N9ne, Yelawolf, a stage-diving gumby and much more. If you couldn't make it down to Atlanta... Read More


The Road to A3C: Tech N9ne [Feature ]

The DJBooth is proud to announce that the Tech N9ne will be rocking on our stage for this year's A3C Festival in Atlanta. Tech N9ne is the most successful independent rapper in the world. Enough said. A refusal to compromise... Read More


T-Pain ft. Mistah F.A.B, Krizz Kaliko & Tech N9NE - Blapper [Stream & Download]

What do you call a record that bumps and slaps? If you’re T-Pain, you apparently call it a “Blapper.” On this brand new mixtape single, the Nappy Boy head honcho recruits a few talented connects to help him... Read More


Tech N9ne, Yelawolf & More to Appear at DJBooth x SupaHotBeats A3C Showcase [Feature ]

Over the last two years, Atlanta's A3C Festival has emerged as the nation's premier hip-hop festival, and this year promises to be even bigger and better. Following last year's success, The DJBooth has teamed up with... Read More


Tech N9ne - E.B.A.H. EP [Album]

After the completing the longest tour in hip hop history, Tech N9ne immediately jumped back in the studio to get what was in his head onto disc! That non-stop work ethic resulted in the newest EP from Tech, E.B.A.H.,... Read More


Tech N9ne - Don’t Tweet This [Stream]

Considering rappers, by and large, are some of the most avid self-promoters in existence, it might come as a surprise that this newly-released EP standout finds Tech N9ne requesting that you “Don’t Tweet This.” It... Read More


Rittz Inks Deal With Tech N9ne’s Strange Music [Video] [Feature ]

Rittz, the Atlanta underground spitter behind DJBooth-hosted, reader-acclaimed street releases White Jesus and White Jesus: Revival, has just inked a deal with Tech N9ne's Strange Music, joining fellow Booth favorites like... Read More


Tech N9ne - Blur (Re-Produced) EP [Album]

The DJBooth is proud to present the second entry in Re-Produced, an exclusive series in which three hand-selected beatsmiths each offer his or her own spin on a record by a reader-approved artist. The second EP in the series... Read More


Re-Produced Profile: Soulslicers [DJBooth Interview Exclusive] [Feature ]

Tomorrow, July 30, The DJBooth will release the latest installment of Re-Produced, an exclusive EP series in which three hand-picked producers will put their own spin on a record by a reader-approved artist. Number two in the... Read More


Re-Produced Profile: The Sleepwalkers [DJBooth Interview Exclusive] [Feature ]

On July 30, The DJBooth will be releasing the latest installment of Re-Produced, an exclusive EP series in which three hand-picked producers will put their own spin on a record by a reader-approved artist. Number two in the... Read More